In 2007, I entered massage school, not to do as a new career, but t was something that I was intrigued with and wanted to learn. I think of it as a hobby. I was really getting into it, and in my second term I had my TIA and everything hit the fan after that.

I took a leave of absence so I could have all my operations and heal. I took a year off, and finally in 2008 I felt good enough to continue. I entered my third term and by midway of that, I went down hill. I had to have another heart procedure and I decided that maybe I needed to step away from massage school, and I regretfully withdrew.

Last year, the stars aligned again and the opportunity fell into place for me to return to massage school and finish my last three terms, graduate and be done. Then I found out recently that the sarcoidosis is once again active in the heart.

I could look at this as the universe telling me to leave massage school, or I could look at it as a challenge. I chose to do the later. I once again choose not to allow sarcoidosis to rule my life. I will rule it. I will not allow it to step in and try to screw up my dreams again.

I am about to finish my fifth term and will graduate in summer. And damned you sarcoidosis, I am not allowing you to get in my way this time.

Written by Basil Rene

I maintain two separate blogs. One is LifeAsAnAnomaly.com where I discuss my life with sarcoidosis and the other is AChefTalksFood.blog, where as the name implies, I talk about food.

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