Ch … Ch … Ch … Changes

I went into NYC yesterday to get my defibrillator interrogated. I learned that my electro-cardiologist is leaving his practice in a month and changing careers completely, and moving to the west coast.

This spring has brought about a few changes and it’s all interesting. I changed my bank, my work email, my dentist and now my electro-cardiologist is leaving.

I like change. As a matter of fact I welcome it, look forward to it. I think it is my ability to accept change that has allowed me to be strong through out all my life changes regarding my health.

Despite my ability to adapt, in reality, the only changes I don’t like are negative health ones. I am not sure what is up with me, if it’s allergies or otherwise, but I have been in a fog lately. My wife calls me Spacey Casey. I forget stuff. I blank out. It’s weird and frustrating.

I retook a blood test last Friday as my white blood count was low. Probably won’t get the results until today. I have no idea if that affects you physically. Maybe it does.

Next week I return to school to finish my final semester. I am so happy to be finishing, but I need my brain to kick back into study mode. Can’t expect to finish the last term with a blank head! Hopefully things will change by next week.

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