A “Thinking Out Loud Post” – Blogging Etiquette

Should we just sit on comments, or acknowledge them?

Every now and again I like to just vent about something that has nothing really to do about sarcoidosis or health, but just about something that’s on my mind.

I recently read a post on a blog in which the author was venting about the lack of manners in today’s society, and they received a few supportive, as well as, negative comments. One commenter even went on to say that she was not going to read that blog anymore, and chastised the author for their lack of response to her comments.

That last statement really gave me pause. Are we as bloggers obligated to respond to every comment that is posted to our blog? I know I for one do not respond to every comment in my blog, and far less for people who have hundreds of comments.

I thought long and hard about that question and I took away the social media aspect of it and looked at a blog for what it really is. When we write a post on our blogs, we are voicing our opinions, our stories, our thoughts for whom ever may drop by. It’s akin to standing on a soap box in a public park and voicing our thoughts to every one that passes. In our case, everyone that passes is on the Internet.

Put your self in that place of being in a public park, reading out what you wrote to passers-by. At the end of your little speech, of the seventy people who actually stopped to listen to your ratings, ten decide they want to talk to you, so they line up to give you their views on what you said.

The first person walks up to you and says that what you just read was spot on, and you stare blankly out in space with no response. The next person comes up and comments and you just stare and don’t respond. The third person comes up and says “bull shit!” and instantly you defend your speech, telling that person to piss off! Fourth person comes up and says that the last person is a fool and you are the greatest speech writer they ever came across, but you don’t respond and stare blankly out into space. You continue to ignore the other six who were also all positive.

Think about that scenario. Do you think the nine people who you ignored will ever really want to listen to you again. They probably walked away thinking you were a mad idiot.

The same with blog comments. If someone took the time to read your post, and then were moved enough to comment, even if it was just to say “I agree “, don’t you think we owe them the respect of at least a small acknowledgement of their time? Just a simple “Thanks”?

That comment I mentioned at the top of this post made me realize what a rude idiot I am for not acknowledging every comment made on my blog, and I vow that from today, I will show my appreciation and respect for each commenter’s time for visiting and commenting on my blog, and I hope you will too.

What do you think? Are bloggers obligated to reply to comments, or is it just a courtesy?

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