A Wasted Heart?


There is no greater gift than that of a second chance at life, and the ultimate gift is for a parent or spouse to decide to donate their loved one’s organs so that another person may have life.

When an organ is donated, the recipient has a second chance, an opportunity given by the universe to do good, to make a difference, be it large or small, to be significant.

But what if the recipient is not using that gift to the fullest potential? I recently came across a young man who was the recipient of a heart transplant, and rather than use that gift to its fullest potential, he stays at home and plays video games and is on Facebook all day. He does not work at all and instead claims disability from the government and lives in section eight housing. His heart is functioning perfectly and he is healthy. He just chooses to not work, or do anything but stay home and play video games.

I don’t know the universe’s plan for this man, and for all I know, sitting at the computer all day on Facebook could be the intention, for somewhere in there he may be making a difference, and I try not to have judgement, but unfortunately I am a human, and that’s a flaw we all have. We judge, even a little.

And so, I sit in probably unfair judgement and I can’t help but think that somewhere out there was a person with ultimate potential to do so much and skipped in the recipient list so that this man could do nothing all day. And before you judge me for my judgment, just think about this. Someone else made a judgement that he should live and someone else should not, a judgement that he had more potential to do so much more than someone else. Someone made a judgment that giving that heart to another recipient would be a wasted heart.

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