Of PFTs and X-rays

‘Tis the season for PFTs and x-rays at the Pulmonologist. PFTs are not my favorite tests to take. I dislike how tired I feel afterward. For me it’s like running a marathon while sitting in a glass box and not actually moving.

The staff at my pulmonologist’s office in NYC are generally not the most pleasant of people, but today everyone was exceptionally pleasant. I am coming to this office for six years now and this is the first time I have experienced such pleasantries. Another patient commented that it must be evaluation time. Whatever the reason, it’s refreshing.

With all the pleasantries, they still, as always, are disorganized. Had to wait 40 minutes for my PFT, and ten another 20 before I saw the doctor. That’s why I always take a day off when I have to go in.

The doctor said she was pleased with the fantastic improvement of my heart, but my pulmonary function is down. It’s the lowest it has been since I stared going in to them. This we are sure is a direct result of coming off the plaquenil, but she is hesitant to put me back on it as my white blood count was dangerously low while on it and improved tremendously once coming off.

It looks a if sarcoidosis is revisiting my lungs. I took an x-ray and will have the results tomorrow. Right now it looks like I will have to take a gallium scan to see if there is any progression of the sarcoidosis, and for now I am on steroid inhalers.

I guess the sarcoidosis saga never ends, but I will not let it win. Intend to reverse this current set back all the way. Will keep you posted on what else happens along the way.

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  1. Carol Wong says:

    I hate PFTs too. Feel like I am going to pass out during the test. Usually they just say that my results are OK. All that puffing for nothing.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      They do seem like a lot of effort for naught, but I guess we have to keep doing them to see I there are any changes, like there was in my case. Still, they are tiring and tend to give me a headache, especially with the technician shouting into the microphone “Blow! Blow! Keep going!” and you feel like your lungs are going to explode.


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