Gravater Changes

I originally chose my Gravatar because I liked the representation of the heart emerging anew from water, which to me represented the heart being reborn. I am a big believer in energy, chi, what ever you want to call it, and I believe everything has an energy to it that in some way affects you.

Although the Gravatar was what I saw it as being, I looked at it today and realized that something was wrong. energetically it just did not fit with me anymore and I could not figure it out. I like the graphic, but it was not right. And then suddenly it hit me. Brown. The color was not right. It looked … dead. Like fall leaves that have spent their time and have been removed from their existence on a tree, no longer needed, no purpose to fulfil on the branch of life.

So I changed it. I changed it to a color to me represents purity, life and energy. And now I have a new Gravatar.

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