Six Minutes Today


Today I had my six minute walk test in NYC and it was, well, six minutes long. Nothing much you can report on a test that is given such distinct and identifiable name.

What is it? You walk up and down a corridor for six minutes while the technician looks at the digital pulse oxymeter attached to your index finger.

After a minute and a half my oxygen level dropped enough to require supplemental oxygen. Then I completed my six minutes and left.

Took me less time to walk back to the garage to get my car to drive the 75 minutes back home. The reason for taking the test? Not exactly sure to be honest. I think it is to check my Pulmonary Hypertension affect on my O2 levels. When I hear back from my doctor on the results I let you know.

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  1. ham1010 says:

    Having COPD myself, I have taken that 6 minute walk more than once. Anything below the 90 pct level, and my insurance picks up the costs for my supplemental oxygen. The stress of getting oxygen into the system has a real impact on your heart. The test as you probably knows measures the level of oxygen in your system as you exercise. The lower the pct of concentration, the harder your heart has to work, which causes a whole another set of problems. One thing builds on another, hang in there. And try and stay of the supplemental as long as possible.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks Ham. I try to remember to take my supplemental oxygen as much as possible, but really need to be more vigilant about it. As my doctor told me, of all the prescription medications I take, the most important is my oxygen.


  2. Carol Wong says:

    I have asthma and sarcoidosis and I have done the test. I do not have COPD. I didn’t know what it was for as my doctor did not tell me. He did tell me that I was having trouble getting oxygen, I knew that.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Carol – is the Asthma the cause of your low oxygen levels if you are not COPD?


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