Facing Challenges

That which challenges you, you either face head on or you avoid completely, but if you chose to avoid it, rest assured that you will face it another day. ~ Basil Rene (I Think)

THE Steps

Well I am pretty sure I came up with that one, but I am also sure it has been said before by many people in many ways, so if someone else did say that exactly as I wrote it above, forgive me and blame it on medication induced memory loss.

Anyhow, I’ve faced a lot of challenges in my life, both medical and non, the list is too long to go through here. I’ll need to write an entire book. However, I can honestly say that with each challenge that has been presented to me I have faced head on and in one way or another, and conquered each and every one.

This weekend though, I observed that there is a challenge that has built slowly that I have avoided without even realizing it. And this is a challenge of my making to be quite honest. I notice that this particular challenge I actually go out of my way to avoid. I subconsciously decide and plan my route to not face this challenge.

Yes it is a physical challenge and I faced it without realizing that I had to this weekend. I didn’t think about it and went right for it and as I approached it, I realized how much it challenged me, and literally could not believe myself and started to laugh, aloud, at myself.

It’s those three stone steps in the photo above. Challenging, right? Well let me clarify why. At the bottom of the stone path, not in the photo is two sets of stone steps, for a total of 10 steps. When I have made it to this point, I get a little winded (joys of sarcoidosis and heart failure – thanks). So when I see these next three steps which then lead to an incline, it gets daunting. For some reason, it seems easier to go to the side of the steps and walk there.

Why do those three steps bother me more than the ten before them? I have no idea. It’s just I suppose that at the end of the prior ten, those three are the limit. But they don’t have to be. I realize that I just need to face these steps as I face all the challenges in my life. Stop, close my eyes and relax for a minute. Take a deep breath and charge ahead.

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