Every Day A Doctor Visit


Yesterday was my six month eye exam and field of vision tests. They need to be every six months because of plaquenil. It tends to affect the eyes.

The tests really don’t bother me except it seems to take almost half a day for my eyes to return to normal after they are dilated.

Good news is that all is well. No Sarcoidosis or any other changes from the plaquenil. Now that I am off of the plaquenil I only have to do the field of vision tests yearly. The other eye tests still need to be every six months because of sarcoidosis.

It has been a week full of doctor’s visits. Life is like that sometimes. For those of us with multiple chronic conditions, it seems more than less. This week was two visits to the acupuncturist, one to my cardiologist, one to my Opthamologist, and one to my primary care physician. Yep, every day was a doctor’s visit. And add a week of back pain and not being able to do much, crowns it off. As usual, my beautiful wife was there for me, making sure I didn’t do anything to aggravate it more.

It could be worse, right? As I always say, any day above ground is a good day.

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