Just Another Day


Today I performed my civic duty and answered my county’s summons to appear for jury duty. Why, if we are a democratic society, are forced to appear for this task? If it were truly democratic, then we should be allowed to volunteer. But that’s another blog altogether.

My back is still hurting after a week and the chairs in the court rooms are not exactly recliners, so needless to say my pain has been aggravated a bit, but still, it is better than it was last week this time.

As I waited for the train to go back home, I noticed a man in a wheel chair and I was amazed just how wheel chair unfriendly the train station is. Every door needs the strength of an able bodied person to push it open, and the width is just barely enough to accommodate a wheel chair.

The ticket machines are positioned to accommodate a standing person only, with the screen facing up. I observed the frustration on the person’s face as he had to maneuver to another part of the building where there was an actual person selling tickets.

It is on days like this when I feel that I want to bitch about my little back pain and my difficulty breathing in the heat of summer, and I watch what every day struggles other people have to face and I just thank the universe for the blessings that I have.

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