Om P. Sharma Passes Away

Dr. Om P. Sharma passed away and below is his obituary as published on the World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomas website.


Om P. Sharma: The Renaissance Man

Dr. Om Prakash Sharma recently passed away. Dr. Sharma was one of the founders of WASOG and was its president for many years. His work on clinical aspects of the disease spanned more than 40 years. He was author of hundreds of papers, many of them about sarcoidosis. He was editor of several books and journals. In addition, he had written several books and articles about other important scientists in medicine, including Samuel Johnson, Sheila Sherlock, and his close friend Gerry James.

For those of us lucky enough to know him, his passing is very sad news. For those of you who had not yet met him, you have missed a great opportunity. Om always spoke with a calm reassurance, yet he was very passionate about many things. Many of us have our favorite Om stories, but they mostly center about how he encouraged us. In the upcoming months, there will be more said about his achievements. For now, let us just think about what we have lost.

Robert P. Baughman MD
President of WASOG

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