Muscle Pain You Can’t Help


I have muscle pain, and it has bothered me for three days now. It’s not a general pain all over, but in one particular muscle, my pectoralis major. That muscle that sits right in your chest.

The pain is only in my left pec, and it is a pain that I want to reach in and massage so badly. I know how to do it, I learned all this in massage school. But I can’t. I can’t because my muscle pain is caused by, and lies directly beneath my AICD (defibrillator).

Some people say that their AICD has never bothered them. Mine has made itself known from day one. I lies right under the skin, above the muscle, and mine is pretty much to the left. I feel it when I lay, when I stand, when I sit.

I have become accustomed to it now, and I am not complaining. That little thing is sitting there, just waiting for the day if ever my heart goes out of whack, and it will deliver a shock to my heart to bring it back in order.

But there are times when it is uncomfortable. I just want to reach in under the skin and just move that little sucker a bit. Sometimes I grab it and shift it a little to the right. Sometimes the point where the leads enter the vein pinch or sting. It always lets me know its there.

But I can’t do anything about that muscle pain under it, and I am a side sleeper, so I think I am just aggravating the issue when I sleep on my side. I sometimes want to press the AICD against the muscle and shake it to use the device as a massage tool. But I can’t. Not that it will really do anything to the device, but the device will register the movement as me jumping around, and will check to see if my heart is compensating for the movement. Of course my heart will be beating normally, but the device will think I am jumping around and start to increase my heart beat. Funny little device I have here. Works so hard to keep me alive, monitors me all day, even my water retention. If there is a problem, my little device will actually call my doctor. Yep, it has an iPhone. Kidding.

So I’ll just live with my muscle pain. It will subside soon, I hope. And I will not complain about my little friend in my chest, but I will appreciate that I am fortunate enough to have one.

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  1. healedwog says:

    It still amazes me that I am not alone and someone else has the exact same issues. Thank you again for putting it in words and doing it so well. I smiled and even laughed, but all of it is so true. Thank You .


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Well, what do you know! And I thought I was the only person with an AICD that was uncomfortable. Every thing I read, people have no problems. Good to be not alone in the club!


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