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  1. I have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis since I was the age of 19, now at the age of 46 and just getting over pneumonia should I be more afraid of this disease because I hear that more African American people have it more and are dying from it. AFRAID


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Hi Vanessa. I am assuming you are African American and are going by the outdated statistics of blacks having sarcoidosis 10:1 over whites. The new statistics are 3:2:1 (blacks:whites:other). In any case, you already have sarcoidosis, so not sure what you are afraid about. Just stop worrying about statistics and live.

      Here is a link to a great resource for info on sarcoidosis. http://www.aafp.org/afp/1998/1201/p2041.html. Hope that helps.


  2. Daniel J Bornschein says:

    It is so important to look outside the box for help – I fought six terrible , pain staking years but was able to get my life back from this monster called SARCOID – If you want to know what helped me get my life back email me trust me you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – God Bless you and never give up – Danny B


  3. Gerald says:

    BR…just curious if you ever tried meditation. I am just beginning to read up on the potential benefits. If so, I’d love to her what you think. Thanks. Hope al is well. Gerald


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Hi. Yes I try to meditate everyday. I use guided meditations mostly because I am always thinking way too much and can’t really stay focused doing it myself alone. Meditation, organic foods, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal supplementation in conjunction with western medicine has helped me to be where I am today. That and faith in a higher entity.


  4. mzglorua@centurylink.net says:

    Though words often fail us when family loved ones, friends, co-workers or just maybe someone we know in passing face a Loneliness, Weariness, Separation, Loss, Chronic Pain, Disease, Terminal Illness or Death, but beyond hugs, words from the heart are what we have left. And many never truly understand until it affects them personally in some way. Strange as it sounds, the diagnosis of the chronic pain, disease or terminal illness is often the “easy” part. When someone we care about faces Loneliness, Weariness, Separation, Loss, Chronic Pain, Disease, Terminal Illness or Death, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to say, whether face-to-face, in a card, email or on the phone. This is especially true if their treatment is long-term or the situations is physically or emotionally draining, or if its outcome is uncertain. Then after all is said and done we find ourselves finding new ways to speak about the unspeakable, so that we don’t try to feel as a burden to anyone. We weigh our words to avoid burdening others, and they become distant or stay away because they think they don’t know what words to use to lift us up and make us feel better. Sometimes the best solution is often to say nothing at all, but to just simply to be present showing your understanding, compassion, care, love and concern. Enjoying the precious moment is something you learn when moments are quickly disappearing or far and few between. It is so important for everyone to remember that although someone is suffering from Loneliness, Weariness, Separation, Loss, Chronic Pain, Disease, Terminal Illness or Death, that it is not his or her identity. We all may know someone who may be feeling down or going through one of life’s rough patches. Sometimes it’s not the medications that helps but it is truly understanding, support, kinds words and actions. Lifting his or her spirits doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. A simple note at the right moment—a few kind words or even just a “Hello”—might mean the difference between a bad day and a good day.

    A little note can make a BIG Difference…
    “I come to remind you that you are Not Alone. May my words of encouragement be a blessing to your heart and soul today. May your journey here be well blessed. I say a Prayer for YOU daily. I hope that you are as strong in mind and body as I know you are in spirit. It isn’t always easy, but when you’re hurting or not feeling well…I hope it helps to know others are so wishfully Thinking of You. Every day I want you to be Positively Encouraged and Nourishedly Fed…Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Know Trust and Believe that the healing power of God is working in you right now, as He sends His Angels to watch over you. At this moment it may impossible to envision any sort of beauty that could emerge from the ugliness of your circumstances, but in God’s power, anything is possible for those who believe. Your “faith muscles” are being groomed and strengthened. Not one tiny tear goes unnoticed by God, you are precious to Him, and He cares deeply about your pain. God will use your hardship to transform your development as a believer, and you will emerge from your trials with stronger faith than you ever would have experienced without the struggle. Ask Him to give you the strength to endure your trial. Trust Him completely and know that you will come out on the other side of the challenge as a well-developed child of God, ready to face a new phase in life. Give yourself whatever gifts of time and rest you need to feel better and stronger and know that you’re surrounded by loving caring thoughts, prayers and heartfelt wishes. Stay in the spirit of fighting back but rest easy precious one, as the art of enduring everything is by understanding that nothing lasts forever. May your life be filled with the Miracles of Blessings as you walk your path each day & give Healing to all those who are feeling Sick, Pain, Lonely, Weary, Separated, Hurt, Lost, Abused, Tired, Unloved, FedUp, Unwanted and Forgotten. May you remember that You are Not Alone for Love Strength the Caring Hand of God is ALWAYS be there to supply all your needs!
    May YOU become at all times, both now and forever:
    A protector for those without protection.
    A guide for those who have lost their way.
    A vessel for those with oceans to cross.
    A bridge for those with rivers to cross.
    A sanctuary for those in danger.
    A lamp for those without light.
    A place of refuge for those who lack shelter.
    And a servant to all in need.
    May our memories become joyful, our days enriched with friendships, and our lives encircled by your love. Never Give Up Faith or Hope! MzGloria


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