Listening Is Not Only With Your Ears


Last night, my wife and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I sat looking at the menu and felt for fish. I very seldom eat fish at a restaurant because I don’t like how people cook it most of the time.

As I looked at the fish and seafood selection on the menu, I kept getting little flashes not to order sea food. Keep away from the sea food. As I have written so many times, I listen to my body, but mostly I listen to my inner self, my intuition.

I was not feeling for meat either or starch, so I opted for a soup and salad combo. I knew I wanted a Caesar salad, but waited for the server to tell me the soup of the day. It was a shrimp lobster bisque – one of my favorites.

My brain heard that, and completely forgetting my intuition telling me not to order seafood, I ordered the bisque and a Caesar salad. I also ordered a seltzer with lemon.

The server returned with my seltzer and as we waited for our food to come, my phone rang. The caller ID displayed a number that I was not familiar with and I almost ignored it, but didn’t.

It was the alarm company. The back door sensor at home had been triggered. “Should we dispatch the police?”the person on the line asked after verifying my pass code.

At that moment all I could think about was our babies. Our dogs and cat. We live in a very, very safe neighborhood and nothing ever happens. This was the first time our alarm went off since living there. So my wife and I got up, told the hostess that we had an emergency, and got out of there.

Deep down inside we both knew that it was a malfunction of the alarm of some sort, but still you have that worry. I drove the 20 minutes home, trying not to fly, and kept at a descent speed so as not to get pulled over.

When we pulled in, two police cars were already in the driveway and there were two police men walking around the house with flash lights. A good sign.

I got out and went to them (the alarm company already asked what I was driving to let the police know that we were in our way home so to expect us, otherwise, never approach police in the dark that are responding to a burglar alarm).

They told me everything was fine. All doors and windows are looked and it looked like maybe the dogs set off the alarm.

We talked to the police for a bit and they left and when we went inside, the sensor for the back door had actually popped off.

Then my wife said to me that it looked almost like one of our guardian angels slapped the sensor off the door to start off the alarm to get us home for some reason. She said “who knows, one of us may have gotten food poison”. It never clicked until this morning that I was ordering bisque after my intuition told me not too.

I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, and many would blow this off as coincidence, but the whole moral of the story is to listen. Listen to your body. Listen to your intuition in all things. If something does not feel right, get it checked. Your body and soul are constantly letting you know. You have just got to listen.

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