Introducing “Guest Blog Friday”


I received an email from a reader asking if I would be open to having a guest blogger on occasion. That request gave me an idea. I am sure many of you out there would like to share your stories, or have some inspirational thoughts for other Sarcoidosis patients, or some great medical advise, just waiting to burst forth, but just don’t have the time to start and maintain a blog. Maybe you just want to write one article for people to read.

Well here I am offering my blog space. If anyone would like to submit an article of their own for me to publish on my blog, please let me know. It does not only have to be sarcoidosis related directly, but something that you think will benefit the sarcoidosis community in some way or another. It could be your own experience with a particular procedure even.

I haven’t worked out the criteria for it as yet as far as words etc., but I am not into limiting people. If you have noticed, I like to keep my blog posts short and sweet, so maybe you can head in that direction.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a line with your submission to Please, please, please edit your submission before sending it in. I am not perfect and I am sure mistakes slide past me, but so often I get to a blog where not only the spelling is terrible, but the grammar is beyond recognition. So please spell check.

A special thank you to John O for asking which sprouted this idea.

Have a great day all, and for those of us in the north east US, take it easy out on the roads today. Winds are picking up.

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