Walking Round And Round


Before all this stuff happened with sarcoidosis and heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, I used to go hiking and went to the gym every day. Since going on prednisone six years ago, and having to basically slow down from the heart and lung conditions, I’ve put on 30 pounds.

The thing with having that extra weight to lug around is that is makes my conditions worse and in turn I don’t move around as much, which is just an uphill battle in the weight department.

Not that I am paranoid or anything, but with my combination of conditions, I have to be cautious. Any kind of exercise I do should not really be alone in the event I have a heart v-tach. True that’s what my AICD is there for, but if that did happen, it’s best to have someone around.

For that reason my doctor wants me to do pulmonary rehab. Supervised exercise. The only problem is the place that does it closest to me has a wait list until December. I need to get my ass moving now. I am only “permitted” to walk for exercise though.

I could rejoin a gym but I had another idea. Mall walking. The place is climate controlled, there is security and other walkers and it’s free! What more could I ask for.

So this morning I adorned my backpack with my Helios liquid oxygen tank and headed to the mall. I walked for 30 minutes, which is pretty good for a start.

I also installed the Nike+ app on my iPhone. It’s meant to track runners, but works just fine for walking too.

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