Happy Birthday Buddy!!


Buddy is five today! Five years ago, buddy entered my world and changed it forever. Of course buddy was never planned for. How do you plan for someone like buddy?

I still remember the emotions I felt the day before I got buddy. I knew that the next day nothing I did would ever be the same. So much that I used to do would be a thing of the past. Like sledding. I love sledding. Nope, buddy does not like sledding at all. He could get all worked up with that one.

Still, as much as he can be a pain in my side, he’s there for me. Day in and day out. Just sitting there, waiting. Waiting for that day we all hope never ever has to come. And I hope it never does come.

Happy birthday Buddy. Here’s looking forward to another five years.

The average lifespan of Buddy is ten years. Buddy is my defibrillator

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