New Gene Test Flags Risk Of Serious Complications In Sarcoidosis


This is a reprint of an article published yesterday at Medical Xpress

(Medical Xpress)—Researchers at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System have identified a genetic signature that distinguishes patients with complicated sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that can be fatal, from patients with a more benign form of the disease. The gene signature could become the basis for a simple blood test. Ads by Google CLL Clinical Trials – Celgene is sponsoring CLL clinical trials. Find out if you qualify. – Dialysis Complication? – Unsafe quality of care in dialysis center? Learn your patient rights. – Their findings are reported online in the journal PLOS ONE. In sarcoidosis, tiny clumps of abnormal tissue form in organs of the body. These clusters of immune cells, called granulomas, cause inflammation. Sarcoidosis can occur in the lymph nodes, liver, eyes, skin or other tissues, but almost always also in the lungs. The cause of the disease is unknown. African Americans are at higher risk for the disease and for more severe cases. “One of the perplexing aspects of this disease is that two thirds of the people who get sarcoidosis get better with only minimal therapy,” says Dr. Joe G.N. “Skip” Garcia, vice president for health affairs at the University of Illinois and principle investigator on the study. But one third of patients go on to develop complicated sarcoidosis—neurologic sarcoidosis, cardiac sarcoidosis and progressive lung disease, Garcia said. Complicated sarcoidosis can leave patients with lung damage, and in a small percentage of cases the disease can be fatal. The challenge, Garcia says, is that there is no difference in the clinical presentation between patients with simple sarcoidosis and those who will go on to develop more serious disease. The researchers took blood from patients with simple and complicated sarcoidosis as well as patients without the disease to look for a pattern of gene expression unique to complicated sarcoidosis. They were able to identify a distinct 20-gene pattern of gene expression that could reliably identify those most likely to progress to complicated sarcoidosis. A 31-gene expression signature had been identified previously, but a smaller panel of genes makes the new test less expensive and more useful clinically, said Garcia. “We are dedicated to looking for new insights as well as new therapies for sarcoidosis and hope to someday be able to identify people at risk for it ahead of time,” Garcia said. UI Health has partnered with the Bernie Mac Foundation to form the Bernie Mac Star Clinic for Sarcoidosis, where the researchers hope to further validate use of the genetic signature. They hope the genetic signature could someday be the basis for a biochip that could identify patients most likely to progress to life-threatening disease. Journal reference: PLoS ONE Provided by University of Illinois at Chicago 0 send feedback to editors 4 /5 (1 vote) 1 2 3 4 5 Please register or sign in to add a comment. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Read more Sign in with Email Password

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  1. Daniel J Bornschein says:

    Gene expression and High levels of Antioxidants and Proper Nutrition are the future of Health and Wellness and the right path to help you ward off disease such as cancer and auto immune and many others – If you would like to discuss it further Please email me so I can lead you towards the latest non-invasive test and products to get you going to a more Healthier you – I wish I knew then what I know now because maybe I wouldn’t be fighting for my life with this horrible disease called Neurosarcoidosis since 06


    1. Karen Lagacy says:

      Hello Daniel,
      I to have sarcoidosis. My lungs, lymph nodes and skin have been affected. I have just completed my first month on methotrexate. The growth in my lungs has been relentless despite steroids over the last 4 years. I am very interested in your nutrition and antioxidant information. Proper nutrition might give me some badly needed energy. Please contact me when you are able.


      1. dannysarcoid says:

        Hi Karen – Please email me dannyborn@aol,com – I would like to discuss somethings that might really help you – I know what it feels like to have this disease and the terrible things it does to your body and spirit – Hope to talk to you soon – Danny B LI NY


      2. dannysarcoid says:

        Hi Karen – Please email me at – i would like to discuss some ways that really helped me because i know how this disease can destroy your body and spirit and how iwas able to find things to help me feel alive again and nutritionally sound – Thanks Danny B LI NY


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