Can You Awake Sleeping Beauty?


I wrote about my experiences with memory loss and my meds. One of the problems I have is that if i don’t set an alarm, I will forget to take my medication. I worked it out now so that I take my medications three times a day, 9 AM, 3PM and 9PM.

I take different heart medications and two particular ones are never to be taken together. They need to be taken at least six hours apart, otherwise, according to the pharmacist, the doctor and online research, my blood pressure and pulse rate can fall dangerously low, and potentially kill me. Fun! I am told that if ever I take these medications together, just go to the emergency room.

Today I went to the supermarket and at 3PM my alarm went off to take my meds and I didn’t have them with me. I snoozed the alarm, and snoozed the alarm, and snoozed the alarm again until I got home. At around four, the alarm went off again, and I finally took my medicine at last, an hour late.

Around five I started to feel tired so I went to read the news on my tablet, and got extremely sleepy. I fell asleep reading on the couch and my wife fixed me so that I wouldn’t get a neck ache.
I slept and couldn’t wake up until around 9PM when my alarm went off to take my meds.

I dragged myself off of the couch and went into the kitchen to take the meds and there weren’t any. The med organizer I have was empty. Nothing! I apparently took my 3PM meds and then when the alarm went off again, I took my 9PM meds. I took the dreaded combination together!

The thing is though, either everyone is exaggerating or my remarkable body is just amazing me once more. I am writing this entry at 10PM and feel fine. A little tired, but my blood pressure and heart rate are fine.

Who the heck knows if this is just my body, or the effects of combining the two medications only affect some people drastically enough for them to go to the emergency room. At least I’m okay, and this is a wake up call to be extra careful with these memory lapses I get.

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  1. Holy moly! So glad you’re feeling OK. 🙂


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