Yep, I’m Still Here

I have not posted for a couple of weeks, and received a few emails from readers concerned for my status. I know from experience that sometimes when you follow the blog of someone with a chronic condition, they can just suddenly stop writing and you never know if they just decided to stop, or the moved on to another dimension.

It has been a stressful couple of weeks. First there was the prep for Hurricane Sandy, shopping for groceries, making sure everything was in its place, filling the cars with gas etc.

I am usually a very calm person and approaching storms never really bother me. We have a generator and a propane tank that would let it run non stop for about a week and a half. Power is never gone for more than a week in my neighborhood. But for some reason, I was anxious. Extremely anxious. This storm made me nervous. Not the reports and the constant warning of doom on the weather channel. It was just something in the energy that came before the storm.

The day of the storm surprisingly, I was calm. I went out to walk our dog in the morning before the storm hit, and the breeze was strong, but there was something very energetically cleansing about it. When I looked up, there were two hawks circling and playing in the wind. It was a beautiful sight.

When Sandy hit, it seemed to hit every where but on our street. Drive along our street and it looked like just another day. Get into the rest of town and it was a disaster area. Power was gone, no phone, Internet, or cell service. It was a strange and disconnected feeling.

Then on Friday morning cell service was restored, and we got the call you never want to get. My wife’s mother passed away. It was and still is a stressful time. Having no power or Internet, having to drive over to library to book flights back home, arranging for someone to look after the pups. The sadness. The loss. The nervousness of traveling back to my home land, knowing that the health care service is one that is almost a death sentence if you have to go to the hospital.

I travel back in a couple of days. My wife has gone on ahead of me. I am one of those few lucky men that completely loved my mother in law, and she too loved me. So this trip is not an “obligation” trip, but truly a very sad journey home. One I knew I would have to make eventually, but hoped not so soon.

And so, this is my story of the past two weeks. I’ll be back on with a post when live settles down a bit. Thanks to those who wrote in to check on me. Greatly appreciated.

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  1. I’m so very sorry for the loss your family has suffered.


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