Changing Cardiologist

Having a few different conditions because of sarcoidosis, I find myself in a doctors office more often than the regular guy. I have my regular doctor, my Pulmonologist, my sarcoidosis specialist, my cardiologist, my electro cardiologist, my heart failure specialist and my cardiac surgeon.

With all these doctors I see the front desk staff and the nursing staff more than I actually do the doctors them self. And so it was with my regular cardiologist, a really nice person, but when I went to him, if I saw him more than five minutes, I was lucky. The rest of the time I would have to deal with his front desk staff who for some reason are the largest accumulation of rude people I have ever seen gathered in one place, and the nursing staff is not the most pleasant or competent staff I have encountered. They constantly lose faxes, prescriptions are never renewed unless you call a dozen times etc. It was becoming that going to my cardiologist was a stressful event. I never looked forward to it, but rather, was beginning to despise it. And that is no way to be if you are a person with medical conditions.

I decided to change that and get a new cardiologist. And that’s what I did. Today I went to a new one, whose front desk staff was pleasant and the nurses all very nice and professional. The doctor himself was beyond my expectations. He spent an hour and a half with me going through all my history and charts etc. I was shocked. What doctor does that these days. You are lucky if they spend ten minutes with you.

So I am pleasantly surprised, and happy with my decision to change doctors. Why be unhappy with someone who is responsible for your life that you have to see frequently? Change is good.

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