A Vacation That Isn’t


I’m on vacation for two weeks beginning last week. It has been an epic failure. On the first day of my vacation, New Year’s eve, the septic alarm went off at our house and the septic company had to come out and dig up the front yard to get to the main tank, the pump tank and the over flow tank so they could all be pumped out. Then the pump company had to come out and repair a broken pipe in the pump tank as well as replace the pump. The front yard is really very pretty right now.

Then the day after New Year’s, the alarm at work went off and I had to go in. It was a failure in the system, so I have to get that fixed when I am back from “vacation”.

The day after that I went back to work to shut off the false alarm again and have of the building was freezing. One of the boilers was down. I was so mad that all this crap was happening on my vacation that I screamed at the heater at he top of my voice, hit the boiler a kick and stormed off. It started back up on its own five minutes after.

This week I cleared my calendar of all scheduled appointments so I could just relax and wouldn’t you know that the septic pump was acting up again. I could hear it in the ground, pounding like a demon trying to escape from the depths of hell. I called the pump company and they told me to turn the switch to off for ten minutes and then back to auto. It worked. It was quiet.

I have three more days and I hope that it just stays quiet. No work related emergencies, no emails, nothing. I just need to veg for a bit.

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  1. Michael says:

    Have fun and happy holiday !!!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks Michael.


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