Calls From Buddy

I got home today and on my home voice mail was a message from my electrocardiologist’s office saying that they received my AICD Interrogation transmission. At those first words, I became a bit nervous. I took a deep breath and my heart rate increased a bit. Buddy, (my defibrillator),  communicates wirelessly to a device at the side of my bed, and every three months, he sends a report down to New York City for my electrocardiologist to check out. That’s all well and good, but Buddy is not due to transmit until next month.

If Buddy transmits before the scheduled transmission, that usually means there is a problem and he’s letting the doctor know. It could be any of a whole litany of issues, from a loose lead, my heart is going into multiple tachycardia episodes and I don’t realize, my rhythm is off, my battery is running low, he is malfunctioning. It could be anything. And anything could be a problem.

I nervously listened to the rest of the message and the nurse said that the report showed no problems. Everything was fine. Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief. But why would Buddy transmit off schedule? I couldn’t figure it out. I went into the office in the beginning of November, so he was not due to transmit until the beginning of February. Then I remembered that I went into the office a month late. So the nurse that did the interrogation did not change the automatic transmission to February. Buddy was still going on his regular schedule. No one told him differently. Such a faithful friend!

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