This is a post from a blog I follow called “Living With Sarcoidosis”, and the author has some very poignant questions and I decided to reblog his latest post in case anyone out there had some words of wisdom for him, advice, support.

Living with Sarcoidosis

Okay, tomorrow is the day with the consultant (review after about 6 months), assuming that the snow allows both me and him/her to get into Oxford for the clinic. England is currently at a standstill, having received 5 inches of snow, which is equivalent to Hurricane Sandy, the Japanese Tsunami etc…

Just to show how bad things really are, take a look at this photo…


This was Widget out yesterday fighting his way through the snow, rescuing our friend’s little boy… Or possibly they were just playing. Terrible conditions, aren’t they?

Anyway, this post is mainly to ask (you and me) what I should be asking at my appointment tomorrow…. So far, I am focusing on the following:

1: What can be done to improve my quality of life? At the moment I am really struggling to get started in the morning, and cannot sustain any level of physical activity…

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