The Power Of Social Media


A funny thing happened yesterday. In my last post I wrote about my medication being denied by the insurance company. I also tweeted about it, and I received a tweet from Aetna saying that they would like to review the case once more. They weren’t willing to review the case when my doctor appealed the decision, but now that I posted it on twitter for the world to see, they want to have another look. I guess social media can really cause revolutions.

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  1. At least you got some response. Isn’t it crazy that it would take a Tweet to get anyone to look past standard operating procedure? Medical bureaucracy SUCKS.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Yes, it is sad though that only reason they reached out to me was because of a tweet that the public would see and “tarnish” their name.


      1. I have COPD so I am well aware of the problems with insurance, hospitals and doctors. It is really sad that when you need things to go smoothly because you are feeling awful they make sure that it is anything but simple. It is a very difficult system to navigate through.


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