Snow And Meetings, Meetings And Snow


I always want to go to the Mt. Sinai sarcoidosis support group meetings, but my schedule always changes, something always pops up that doesn’t allow me to get there for a meeting. Except for once, and that was before Christmas in 2011, and on that day, the doctor that was supposed to speak at that meeting couldn’t come because his wife was having a baby. So we did crafts! I was not a very happy camper, but I stayed for it. I always believe that you are where you are supposed to be at the time you are supposed to be. I thought maybe someone would divulge some small pearl of wisdom. Alas, not. There was a reason for me to be there, but I never figured out why.

Today is another of the support group meetings, and the discussion is about Vitamin D and Calcium in sarcoidosis, two supplements we need but must be careful taking with this disease. However, a huge snow storm is coming and as usual, the weather men have a thousand different computer models, and each one is giving a different prediction of when exactly it will start. (Remember the days before all these fancy computer models when they were pretty accurate with weather forecasting?) Some models say it will start tonight, some say tomorrow. If it starts tonight, I can’t go to the meeting, and I really do want to go, but I don’t want to be caught in the start of a snow storm driving back from the city tonight.

I have to go into Mt. Sinai this afternoon for a medical test anyway, and hoped to stay for the support group meeting, but alas, the universe is playing with me. Maybe I am not supposed to go to these meetings. Maybe everything I am doing for myself is what I need to be doing and I am not supposed to change a thing. Maybe I need to stop thinking so much and just look at the weather channel application when I get into the city.

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