Introducing Sarcoidosis Friday Poll

Some time ago I implemented “Guest Blog Friday”. It was a complete flop. No one wanted to be a guest on my blog. I guess I could look at it that people only want to read what I have to say. Down ego, down!

Anyhow, I just ran a poll and there were quite a few respondents, so I thought, people love statistics for some reason, so why not have a weekly blog with a poll on what ever subject you the reader want to know about. I would love some ideas on some poll subjects, so please chip in and let me know what you would like a poll about.

I will open the poll on a Friday, and close it on a Sunday, publish the results on a Monday. I will also create a page that will have poll results so that they are easy to find. Hope you guys like this idea, otherwise I will have to make space next to the “Guest Blog Friday” idea in my “What was I thinking” drawer.

Please add your ideas in the comments, or you can email me at

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Favier says:

    I like the idea. The more I find out about sarcoidsis the more I can try to diagnose myself unlike the doctors and specialists I have seen!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks Diane. I hope some people sen in some ideas for questions. Let me know if you have any.


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