Messages From The Universe?

In January 2007 I started massage school because it was something I was always interested in doing, and in July I left when I found that had a heart defect and then cardiac sarcoidosis and heart failure In September 2008, I went back only to leave again in December the same year and then I found out I had pulmonary hypertension and had to have another heart procedure.

Last year I went back again determined to finish, and I did. I swore if anything happened again that made me leave, it was definitely the universe telling me to step away from this path. This is not for me.

In January I sat the NY state licensing exam, the results of which I got today. I failed. By one point! What does that say other than I did not study enough of course?

Anyway, I will retake the exam in summer when the next one is scheduled. Not going to let my determination be stopped by one set back. I look at it as a bump in the road, not a road block.

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  1. What does it say about you? It says that you are NOT a quitter. Good luck on your retest.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks Christine. Hope I do better next time 😀


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