Thumping And Thumping

Thumping. That’s what I call the feeling I get when I guess my heart misses a beat. It feels as if my heart stops for a second, expands and pumps as hard as it could to get the blood out. I feel it and it is not the best feeling in the world.

On Thursday I went out to dinner with my wife and I started to have a few thumps. It’s not unusual to have one or two, but on Thursday it went on for a while.

Then on Friday it started again at night around the same time. Same on Saturday and again on Sunday. This was cause for concern. I get them, but never this long and in so many days in a row.

On Sunday when they started again I sent a transmission in of my defibrillator to see if anything was up and made an appointment to see my regular cardiologist for Monday.

When I got the defibrillator report yesterday before my doctor appointment, a quick glance showed that I had thirteen arrhythmias between Friday and Saturday. I usually only have one in a six month period. This was a bit startling.

I went in to see my doctor who then showed me that in fact I had seven hundred and thirty three arrhythmias (yes, you read that correctly, 733!). I’m not sure exactly in what time but this is since my last AICD interrogation in January. 733. I can’t fathom that. As I said I get one every six months or so.

So what now? I start a new medication today to control the arrhythmias. I am not going to be put on Coumadin as yet. I see my Sarcoidosis doctor on Monday and will discuss a PET scan to see if the sarcoidosis is again active in the heart.

It’s never a dull moment in the land of sarcoidosis is it?

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  1. Mommabel says:

    I hate that feeling. I have it every once in awhile, but they think that it is completely related to the steroids. Good luck!


  2. Hi. It’s definitely a scary feeling having your heart skip around so much. Been there, didn’t like that at all. My cardiologist put me on Cordarone. I can only take the brand name version because the generic causes bad headaches. Cordarone works well for me since I started it in 1994. I do have ocassional minor heart fluttering but I just cough a couple of time to get my heart back into rhythm. I hope your new medicine works for you


  3. kim moore says:

    I have a complete right bundle branch block and an arrythmia but an echo showed nothing,but then the guy told me there were lesions on the outside of heart.I also get dizzy when i bend over(which could just be vertigo)Sometimes I think I should pursue the heart testing further.Some days I have a decent energy level and other days it takes everything i have just to shower.I have had sarcoidosis for about 10 yrs so I guess if it was serious I would know by now.Sometimes I wonder though.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      It is no fun, is it? Maybe you should get a second opinion.


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