Hitting The Fan

These past few days have been extremely busy for me at work. I worked four 16 hour days in a row and with the current heat in the northeast US with bad air quality, it has not been easy. Add to that two nights of lousy sleep and I feel like I can do with a vacation.

Bathing and drying three of these beauties at 11:00 PM …

Last night was my last run of working late for now. My wife has also been working late this week and last night she got home just a few minutes before I did. I was exhausted and I looked forward to having a nice hot shower and just relaxing a bit before going to bed and get some much needed sleep.

As I pulled into the driveway my wife called my cell to tell me that one of our pups had diarrhea and stepped in it and walked almost everywhere in the house. The only spaces that were spared were the bathrooms as we keep those doors closed at all times.

Luckily our floors are not carpeted so cleanup would not be as bad. However, we also have a cat, and I am sure he must have stepped somewhere that was dirty before making his way to the kitchen counters.

We came up with a strategy on how to approach this disaster. My wife said she would take care of it if I took the pups out onto the deck and relaxed. That sounded good and

then we realized that if one stepped, they all stepped, and there was no way any of those mutts were coming into bed with us like that, so they all had to bathe. I said I would bathe the babies as to clean the house and bathe the three dogs would have been way too much for my wife.

We planned it out like we were going to war. Our kitchen is gated off from the pets and can be divided into two sections. First was the cat. I grabbed him up and cleaned his paws and body off with dry shampoo much to his annoyance, then locked him in our bathroom.

Then we closed off one section of the kitchen and locked the three dogs in there. I took the eldest one into the guest bathroom and while my wife cleaned the kitchen floor and counters in the section the dogs were not, I bathed the first dog. Yes, we decided they all needed complete baths, at 11:00 PM.

After I finished bathing and blow drying pup number one, which is a lengthy process because all our pups are long haired, I deposited her in the clean section of the kitchen and repeated the process with the other two, while my wife cleaned every tile with Clorox wipes.

At times I sat on the bathroom floor falling asleep as I blow dried the little brats. One stayed pretty quiet and fell asleep as I blow dried him, but the other two were just brats, running away and jumping around the bathroom, waiting for me to play catch with them, rolling in the towels and just having a grand old time at my expense. I was too tired to get mad and at one point I sat on the floor with my back to the wall and just pointed the blow dryer in the general direction of the brat on the other side of the room, rolling around on the floor.

Eventually I washed and blow dried them all and deposited them all in the kitchen. By now it was almost two hours later and my wife got most of the house cleaned. Luckily we just have a two bedroom house.

I cleaned up the guest bath and eventually it was okay to release the cat from our bathroom and the dogs from the kitchen.

Our eldest dog is now 15 and she does not sleep in our bed anymore because she can not get up on her own now, so she sleeps on the floor at the foot of our bed on two large poofy pillows that she loves. She went straight from the kitchen to her bed, which had a bit of our comforter draped over it, and she promptly peed on her pillows, getting a bit of our comforter in the process.

I had to wipe her up and she was wet from her own pee and then strip her pillows to wash, as well as take off our comforter. My wife was now in the last room cleaning. I changed our comforter and got two new spare pillows for our old girl when my wife was finally finished with the house.

It was now 2:00 am when I saw our youngest pup in our bathroom trying to get into the tub. That was pretty strange I thought and went to see what he was trying to get at, only to be greeted by a load of poop from the cat.

I called my wife over to tell her and all we could do was have a good long laugh. What next? These babies were really out to test us last night. But we didn’t get mad. That’s part if the joy of being a parent, whether it be human or animal children. We decided to be responsible for their welfare and to care for them not matter what. And although I was dead beat, and didn’t get to bed until 3:00 am to get up at 7:00 am to get to work, I would not change a thing. Those few hours of hell were more than outweighed by the years of unconditional devoted love the babies all provide.

I think of the days I had a lousy day at work, or had a barrage of medical tests or days when I get home and just feel lousy and I am greeted enthusiastically by three beautiful dogs and a handsome cat, who don’t care what kind of day I had, and all they want is for me to get down on the floor with them and let them jump all over me and lather me with sloppy puppy kisses and even the cat gets in on the act. It’s a sight to see, me on the floor with three pups jumping all over me and pushing each other out of the way to lick me all over my face while the cat circles around and licks my hands. There is nothing better than total unconditional love.

I firmly believe that everything in life happens to teach you a lesson of some sort, not matter how big or small. What was last night’s lesson? When life hands you a whole load of shit, just clean up the mess and move on.

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  1. What a rough night you and your wife had!! My husband and I are going to give Rocco, our pup, a bath and nail trim tonight. I just hope it goes better than your experience. =o)



    1. Basil Rene says:

      I hope Rocco is better behaved than my two boys and not as long haired! Have fun! 😀


  2. However horrible and exhausting it sounds, I can nonetheless imagine you just laughing at it all after the fact. You’re right, what else can you do?



    1. Basil Rene says:

      Hi Marie. Hope you are doing okay. Yep, all I could do is laugh. What’s the point of getting pissed?


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