You Have A Medical History – Where Is It?

In light of the last Flashback Monday post, I had a thought. Picture this. One day you are quietly walking in the mall and you see something in a store window that you really like. You stand there trying to talk yourself out if buying the item when you feel light headed. You think that you need to sit down for a minute and as you look around for a seat the world around starts to spin and everything fades to black.

Your eyes open to briefly see EMS workers at your side, taking your vitals. You hear one read out your conditions from your emergency bracelet. He glances at you and says something you don’t understand and everything again fades to black.

ERYou open your eyes once again and you are blinded by the lights in your eyes. You hear voices. You hear your name being called and as your eyes adjust, you see a doctor and nurses around you, bombarding you with questions.

“Do you have allergies? Do you know your blood type? Are you taking any medications?”

You open your mouth to reply but nothing comes out and then everything goes black, again.

If you have a chronic illness, what would happen if there was an emergency? Yes your friends and family know about your condition, and you wear a medical bracelet with your condition, but what about the important information, like your medications, surgeries and other pertinent medical info?

Besides having a medical bracelet with my conditions, I also carry in my wallet and ICE Medical ID USB card. It is a credit card sized flash drive that you place your important medical information on. It contains all my medications, the dosage, times, operation history, blood test history and results, scans of any tests I had etc.

They used to be sold at CVS, but I haven’t seen them for a while, but I think Amazon also carries them.


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