Messages From The Universe


I have a very interesting career and I have so many stories about my working life that I always thought would make a very interesting book. When I tell people about the life I had so far, everyone’s comment is “You should write a book”.

I do want to, and I started one, but only wrote the first chapter. I never went very much further because there are people that I will write about that are still alive, and even though my book will have all the names of the characters changed, I still always was apprehensive to do it, because of law suits.

Monday I was sitting in a Starbucks eating a delicious whole grain raisin bagel just looking over stuff on my iPad and I opened up my book and read the first chapter again. I made some corrections and realized I need to rewrite it as I did not like the flow. As I sat there I made the alterations to the first chapter and then I started to write the second chapter as my hands just typed and typed and next thing I knew I punched out the second chapter.

I was inspired to finish my book, but was still apprehensive. There are many characters, but there are two characters would take up a great part of the stories. One, who many of the stories come from, died years ago of throat and lung cancer. The second, Mr. B was still alive, and he is not the nicest person, has a powerful position, and has friends in very high places.

Even though the names and places will be changed, I always fear that someone could trace the characters back to the real people WHEN my book becomes an international best seller. So I put it at the back of my mind.

Today I was calling a business from my iPhone, and when I transferred my contacts from my BlackBerry when I originally got the phone, some of the business contacts came in incorrectly. I never got around to fixing them, and my “little birdie” told me to go through and fix them now, when I came across the name of the of one Mr. B’s associates that I had a really good rapport with and I wondered how he was. I thought I would drop him an email, but wasn’t sure if he worked for Mr. B’s company anymore, so I decided to call his direct line. The telephone line was disconnected, which I found strange, since if the person I was calling was no longer with the company, then the call would go to the new person in the position.

This made me wonder if Mr. B suffered the effects of the economy and his business went the way of the wind. I looked up his web site, and the company was still in existence, but it said that it was owned by its management, and blah blah blah. There was no mention of Mr. B being the great and mighty leader that the site always expounded.

I was about to close of when on the right there was a little link with a date and Mr. B’s name. Did he sell the company and take early retirement? I clicked on the link, and there it said it. Mr. B died. He died earlier this year from an illness. I was shocked and I had to laugh to myself. Of all the things I did today was to fix up my contacts, and call my old associate, and find out that the one thing that was holding me back from writing my book was no longer an obstacle.

The universe is always guiding our way and giving us little messages and answers to our question if we just open our ears and ears and listen. It’s the same with living medical conditions. If we just pay attention, the answers we need are all right there for the taking. When you need the information, it will come to you at the appropriate time. Just don’t miss it.

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