Flashback Monday – A Day Of Free Breath

Another Flashback Monday. Today we are going back to August 2010, on a day i had a good breath.

A Day Of Free Breath

The day before yesterday I experienced something rare ever since developing sarcoidosis. the ability to take deep breaths without feeling like a brick was on each lung. The feeling lasted well into the night, but alas, was gone by the following morning.

What medical miracle did I partake of or had performed to give such a feeling? None. It was a simple case of applying to ancient therapies on the same day.

In the morning I had acupuncture and an hour later attended an introductory one on one class of Dahn Yoga breathing. Dahn Yoga is a Korean form of Yoga and for the first time in I can’t remember, I was not longing for a nap at 1:00pm. I had energy the rest of the day and felt I could keep on going. The next day I still felt good, and well today, I am slowly back to old self.

I seriously think that I am going to join up for bi-weekly classes of Dahn Yoga. If I feel this good after one session, imagine what it would be like after doing this weekly.

Update: I never did follow up on this yoga practice as the instructor really weirded me out by calling me several times a day every day to join.

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