The Universe Is Telling Me Something

I drove up to our garage and there at the front door was a very large box, earlier delivered by UPS or FedEx. I asked my wife if she ordered anything, and she asked me the same. Neither of us ordered anything, or at least, not that either of us knew of.

I parked the car and made my way to the box, looking for a tell tale smile logo on the side from Amazon, where my wife orders most of our supplies for the “kids”, or the large Q from QVC, where I usually order some new kitchen gadget I saw and know I will use. The boxed displayed nothing of these two familiar logos, so what was it, where was it from and who ordered it?

The box was heavy and I needed my wife to help me lift it into the garage so I could open it and see what it was, and as we moved it I saw the shipping list taped to the front of the box, with its familiar turquoise “Q” at the top. It was me. I ordered it. But I didn’t remember ordering anything, and definitely not this large. What was it? A fridge? I know I had memory lapses, but this was ridiculous, even by my standards.


I removed the shipping list and it said I ordered a folding exercise bike. Eh? When the hell did I do that? And then I remembered that when I was flipping through the channels I saw this bike and I mentioned to my wife that it was similar to what I used  in pulmonary rehabilitation. But I never ordered it. But apparently I did. Or was it the universe telling me to get my butt on that bike and exercise?

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