Flash Back Monday – It’s Weird Being Old This Young

It’s Weird Being Old This Young

Originally posted August 10, 2010

It’s very odd having illnesses that typically affect the elderly. Heart failure is usually associated with elderly people in the later stages of their life. Well, at least that is how the medical and pharmaceutical companies depict it.

The Medtronic Heart Failure Model

Every time I go onto a heart failure web site, or a pulmonary hypertension site, and even COPD sites and brochures, the models that are smiling while talking to their doctors are typically over seventy. On the Medtronic Website, on their heart failure information page, the model is an old man in a wheel chair.

I can’t really blame them though. My pulmonologist recently sent me for Pulmonary Rehab, and I was the youngest person in the group. Everyone was over 70. It does get a little disconcerting at times tho. It’s really hard to come across someone my age with my issues to talk to, so sometimes, it make me feel somewhat alone out their in the big old world.

The one thing that I can hope for though, is that I will make it to be one of those elderly people I see on all those brochures and web sites.


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