No More Morning Abductee Look

I am on oxygen now for five years. I use a concentrator to sleep, and that bloody thing purrs and thumps all night like the sound effect from a science fiction movie where the captured slaves go in single file to their daily chores, and the machinery churns in the background. I also use a Helios liquid oxygen portable system when I exercise, although I am really supposed to be using it all the time when I am not sitting on my couch staring blankly at the TV screen.

The fact of the matter is that if you are on oxygen, you have to use a nasal cannula, and those little plastic tubes making a fashion statement at the side of my face and can get very irritating, especially at night when I am sleeping. It’s more the look it gives in the morning rather than actual discomfort. Those two perfectly formed indentations that run from each nostril to the top of the ears, looking like that part of my face was stitched on by aliens last night when they abducted me in my sleep and performed a barage of experiments resulting in my getting up almost every morning with my lungs and chest aching, feeling like something was proding me all night. A doctor told me once, the pain is from my sarcoidosis, pulmonary hypertension and heart failure combined. I prefer my alien theory better.

Anyhow, those marks from where the aliens cut my face to peel back the skin sometimes stay all day and they sometimes burn (they do use lasers afterall), and I looked on the Internet for solutions. I didn’t find any info until I changed the search info from alien facial surgery scar removal to cannula marks. there were a few solutions but none seemed worthy until I found a site on Pulmonary Hypertension which described how to prevent those pesky face marks.

I tried their way, but found it to be bulky so I modified it, and it works for me. So if you are abducted and tested on every night like me, and you have those tell tale marks on your face, try this and see if it works for you.

Here is what you will need.

1: A scissors
2: 1 roll of hurt free, white self stick bandage.
3: Your cannula

A: cut four strips of bandage six inches long
B: At the point closet to the nasal prongs, on each side, wrap the bandage three or four times.
C: Take a second strip and wrap it around the tube next to where you just wrapped
D: Repeat for the other side of the cannula
E: Put on the cannula as high on your cheek bones as you can and close your eyes and wait for the aliens to take you away.

Here is a photo of what the wrapped cannula looks like

If y


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  1. dannysarcoid says:

    If you like email me so I can give you some ideas to help with your breathing outside the box that really helped me – Good luck and God Bless Keep Fighting ! Danny B LI NY


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