Flash Back Monday – But I Can See The “K”

Welcome to another Monday, and another look back into my posts from the past.

But I Can See The “K”

Posted on August 28, 2010

I am doing a lot of monitoring these days. I have to monitor my oxygen saturation levels, my blood pressure, my weight and my fluid retention. I own a digital pulse oxymeter, one of those things that the doctor sticks on your finger to see what your blood oxygen saturation levels are. I do that two or three times a day plus when I go to the gym. I take my blood pressure twice a day. I have to weigh myself daily to check if I am retaining fluid. If my weight goes up unexpectedly, more than likely its fluid retention. I can tell if I have fluid retention by looking at the veins on the top of my feet that are in the shape of a K. If I see the K, I am okay, if not, fluid retention.

Last week I was out of town and started to get chest pains. I waited until I came back to town to go to my cardiologist, and all checked out fine, except that I had major water retention. That was a bit of a shock as the K on my feet was visible, but the doc said I had and doubled me up on Lasix for a week to get rid of it.

I am back out of town again this week for work, and if you take diuretics, you know how frustrating it is to have to go to the toilet every thirty minutes, especially when you are working in a strange town and don’t know where all the restrooms are. So now I just can’t look at my feet anymore to determine fluid retention, but I have to press on my legs to feel for indentations to indicate fluid retention. Another thing to do for a guy who used to just get up and go. I am having a stress echo in two weeks to make sure that the heart function is staying stable. Keeping my fingers crossed on that, and in the mean time, I continue to pee and monitor my salt intake and water retention.

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