So, I Lied


In the past month I saw my Primary Care Physician, my Cardiologist and my Sarcoidosis doctor, and I lied to them all. Each one asked me if I had my flu shot and I said yes. It is easier than trying to defend my decision not to take a flu shot this year.

This year I decided to take a different approach after reading so many articles on the negative effects of taking the flu shot. I decided to take a natural approach to my defense from the flu. I bought a regimen of homeopathic treatments which I take once a week for four weeks, then wait four weeks and take the fifth treatment.I never had a flu shot until I developed heart failure and pulmonary hypertension as an effect of sarcoidosis and was convinced by doctors that I needed the shot as a precaution because of my suppressed immune system, and my weakened heart. And until then, I never had the flu. Every year since getting the flu shot, at about exactly the three-week mark after getting the shot, I got the flu!

I believe in the use of homeopathic and natural cures. As many of you know, my heart output numbers went from 20% to 65%, something that is baffling to all my doctors.

I’ll see how it goes. I may catch a cold, or not. But I am being positive that the homeopathic approach is going to see me through the flu season. That and being cautious.

(Anyone interested in going the natural route with flu prevention can go to and order the 2013-2014 Flue Season Influenzinum. Please note that this is not an endorsement for this product, nor am I affiliated in anyway with nor am I recommending that anyone take this as a replacement for the flu shot)

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