Screw The Flu Shot

20140105-020532.jpg It’s the beginning of
January, and for the first time since being diagnosed with
sarcoidosis in 2006, I have not gotten the flu. I never had the flu
before getting Sarcoidosis, but my doctors, especially after
getting sarcoidosis in the heart and the resulting heart failure,
all convinced me to get a flu shot. “You could die” was the common
thread to convince me, and reluctantly, I got my very first flu
shot in the fall of 2006. Three weeks after, I got a very bad cold.
2007 and I had the hole in my heart closed, heart failure
discovered and a defibrillator implanted. Again, they all said to
get the flu shot. I did, and three weeks after, I was sick with a
flu. Same thing every year. You would think that I would learn a
lesson from that. But no, I did it anyway, got that damned flu
shot. Then last year, three weeks to the date from getting the flu
shot, I got the worst flu I had yet. I really was very, very sick.
I contemplated checking into the hospital at one point. It stayed
with me for weeks, and my lungs paid the price. Every PFT I had
this year, my numbers were low. I have shortness of breath most of
the time now, and exertion is horrible on my breathing. After
reading countless articles on the danger of the flu shot, and the
fact that it is more dangerous than the flu, and people were
actually being killed from the flu shot, I opted out. I went the
homeopathic route, and so far, knock on wood, no flu, no cold,
nothing. So if this is as successful as it appears so far, I am
saying “Screw The Flu Shot” from now on.

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  1. dannysarcoid says:

    Life Pac Nano is in the Physical Desk Reference and was featured on CBS news as a better way to fight off the flu then the Flu shot. – In box me if you want to order this amazing product. – I have Neurosarcoidosis since 0Z and started Life Pac Nano in 2011 and haven’t gotten the Flu since –


  2. I’m too scared to get the flu shot too. No way; no how!


  3. Fat Rasputin says:

    Polio vaccine has a rare reaction but I do not think anyone would argue that we should stop the polio vaccine. The flu shot also has very rare reactions but I think the 20,000 people that died last year would have wished they had the flu shot even if it is only 50% effective. There is something everyone who sites anecdotal stories as evidences it is post hoc ergo propter hoc. Just because you get the flu shot and then get the flu there is no reason to see that they are connected and I guess the other way of thinking about it is that if it has failed me this one time there is no reason to ever get it again, true story I had a safety belt fail when I was in car accident, it has not stopped me from using my safety belt.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      There is also a lot of evidence against flu shots if you look for it. My choice is not to take it and for the first time is seven years, I have not even had the cold. Coincidence? Maybe, but I go with my intuition, not so much the status quo.


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