50K! Wow!

I always said I never intended for this blog to be anything “big”, but today I hit the 50,000 view mark. Not much by some other blogs which probably get that many views in a day, but for my little blog, that’s amazing! Thanks for dropping by everyone!

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  1. dannysarcoid says:

    Congrats Basil , Well done you deserve it because you let people express so many feelings and ideas. I appreciate you and this site for allowing me to tell people what has worked for me and what hasn’t without blocking or throwing people off because Big Pharma or Certain Doctors don’t believe there are all Natural way to help us Fight every day against this Horrible Disease – Thank You and God Bless you and our fellow sarcoidosis fighters – Keep up the Great Work – Danny B LI NY


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks Danny. And thanks for the ingot in the supplements. I looked into than and see that Amazon carries them. Will check it out.


      1. dannysarcoid says:

        Your welcome , My wife flew out to Utah to see this company 1st hand and meet with the scientist and was so impressed – If you decide to order products please don’t pay retail I can get you wholesale or below – Danny


  2. Hey congratulations Basil! I’m not there yet as my blog is just a year old! I sure enjoy yours though!


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