I Need To Stay In Bed On A #Sarcoidosis Day

imageEveryone with a chronic condition or conditions has had a day, or days where they just are not feeling “right”. I don’t mean the pain or usual symptoms that come with the condition, but a day when you are just not in balance, where your coordination is off, your brain is a fog, and just simple functions become confusing.

I call them sarcoidosis days. I usually feel like my brain is replaced by a mist, my focus is off, my coordination shot. When I have those days when I am working I really need to concentrate in order to get through the day. When it happens on my day off, I generally just try to go back to bed. Yesterday was one of those days for me and it was my day off. I should have stayed in bed, but I didn’t. I was restless. I was bored. I was in denial. So I decided to push through it and do stuff.

Our guest bedroom doubles as our office area and houses the desktop and printer etc. we also have a TV and a TIVO in there. The TIVO started to give trouble and then stopped working all together. I called TIVO, and it is out of warranty, and they don’t repair the units. That meant I have to buy a new one. And I decided against it, as we never watch TV in there, far less record anything on that TIVO. We have one in the living room that tune four channels at a time and records up to 300 hours of HD, so in reality, the second TIVO was a waste. So I decided to take it out of the bedroom and just get a regular cable box for in there when we have guests.

As I was taking out the TIVO, it’s tuning adapter and cables etc., I remembered that the color laser printer was printing dirty smudges on paper. So I looked it up on the web and learned that I either needed to clean the drum or replace it. I watched a video on how to clean it, and it was way too much trouble, so I decided to replace the drum, but needed the part number, and in order to do that I needed to pull the drum out of the printer.

I opened the printer and pulled out the drum and in order to see the part number, I needed to see the back. Normally, in a cognitive state, I would know that to just turn it around. I was not in a cognitive state, and so instead, like an idiot, turned the drum upside down. In case you did not know, the drum holds used laser printer toner, and if you turn it down, it will empty. I knew that, but not yesterday. A cloud of fine black and colored dust. Made its way straight to floor onto the rug. I dropped the drum and ran out of the room so as not to inhale the dust and closed the door behind me.

I waited a few minutes to let the dust settle, and went back in with the vacuum and vacuumed it all up. I wiped down everywhere that any dust settled and then realized that the rug had some toner embedded in it that the vacuum did not get out. So I decided to use the carpet shampooer on it. We have this awesome shampooer that is automatic. You just place it on the area you want to clean, press start and it dry vacuums, sprays, scrubs, wet vacuums, sprays, scrubs and wet vacuums again, all without you doing anything.

I let the machine do its stuff and when it was finished, took it to the kitchen to empty. I removed the reservoir tank of dirty toner tainted water and as I pulled the tank out, I have no idea why I did it, but I turned it upside down and all of the dirty toner water emptied all over the kitchen floor!

I should have just stayed in bed!

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  1. njwinningham@gmail.com says:

    Wow! Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt as they say! So sorry that happened to you. I have had days like that where you can tell things start getting dropped and so forth. Then you know it’s just one of those days. Things are not going well. So go with the flow. And expect it to be one of those days. This often goes along with one of those Sarc stay in bed days. And it seems like when ever I do have a day to stay home or and off work day then that is when I have so many plans to get certain things done and bamm! That is when I feel so sick and can do nothing but sit! Sit in a chair all day. So frustrating! I always think why? Why do I have to feel like this today? I have so much I want to do. But I am glad that I have a desire to still do much in this world. If I did not feel this desire I would be bored and give up with this Sarc fight. No way! Never let the evil Sarc Win!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Amen to that! 😀


  2. Sarcgirl says:

    Been there and done that. As a matter of fact I think I did something very similar just the other day. I like what you call them. I have been calling them “Brain Farts.”


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Hey, a rose by any other name is still a rose, right. No matter what we call them, they aren’t fun! But we manage.


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