Exams Not Of The Medical Kind and Stress

imageIn exactly one week I have to take an exam. Not of the medical kind – for once! This exam is the New York Board exam for licensure in Massage Therapy. I already took my national exam and passed, so that I can be licensed in 48 states. However, NY, Ohio and Hawaii all have their own separate exams and licensing procedure, and the New York exam is only given twice a year, in August and January.

I took the exam a year ago, and failed by one miserable point! I was not surprised since I never reviewed anything for the exam until the night before. Really, if you have two years of class work to review, doing it in one night is really not going to work. This time around, I gave myself a month to do the review.

Why only a month? Because I swear I have short term memory, especially with all these meds that I am on. I did great when I was in school. Constantly got A’s. I did the nationals right out of school and passed. The New York exam I did six months after graduating, so let’s just say when I sat down to take the exam, my brain was a blank.

So I gave my self a month to review, which was a perfect plan, since my work schedule in January is really very easy. This January however, proved to be very different. This is the first January in ten years, that I had such a crazy schedule. I had to travel out of town twice, had multiple appointments for work, had my usual banter of medical appointments, and then found out, of all times for it to happen, that my defibrillator battery is very closed to reaching its low limit.

Although it is not something that is not alarming, as I was expecting it, albeit not this soon, there are still worrisome things that such a thing brings with it. Do I have enough charge left in case I do need to get a shock? When will the battery run below its low limit? I don’t transmit for another three weeks. Could it fall below by then? Way low? I know that worry is just a down payment on something that may never happen, but I am human after all. I try not to worry, but it happens.

Needless to say, in exactly a week, I take an exam, three hours long, and I am again, not prepared. I contemplated rescheduling, but it’s too late. I will lose my $250.00 exam fee. I rather just go in and guess most of the answers and hope for the best. Better to have tried and failed that not to have tried at all, right?

Then there is the issue of getting to the exam. New York is a big state. Would you believe that the exam, which is only held twice a year, is only given in two places in the state? In the city, and in Buffalo. Two opposite ends of the state, eight hours apart. I am about an hour away by car from the exam site, but the problem is that it is in Queens, NY, at Queens college, and there is NO parking at that school. If you want to get parking on the street, you need to get there by 8:00 AM. My exam is at 1:30PM. I could take the train there, but I will have to take a train into New York City, then a subway train to lower Manhattan, another subway train to Queens, and then a bus to the school. I would be looking at about two hours of travel, and the stress of not knowing where the hell I am going. Last time the exam was in Brooklyn and I ended up going on the train the wrong way. My third option is to take a taxi, which will be expensive. Looking at about $150.00 before tolls and taxes, but I think it is my only option to not have the stress before the exam.

So here I am again, hoping that my work schedule for the next seven days can just let me review all that I need to so that I can just pass this exam and forget about it. What do I have to review? Nothing much. I just need to know Anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, neurology, acupressure, Chinese medicine, massage techniques, ethics, business and tax laws for massage, business ethics, every muscle in the body, their attachments and actions, as well as every bone and their parts.

One week? Sure, I can do this!

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