Now Ladies Can Stand Just Like Men

In a recent post, “Traveling And Diuretics“, I wrote about my trials and tribulations when traveling and my need to pee because of my medications. One of my readers commented that unlike men, women do not have the convenience of standing up and peeing behind a tree if there is no bathroom around. Well, I came across an item on Twitter that allows women to do just that – stand and pee! It’s called “SheWee”, and rather than me trying to explain how it works, below is video explaining it by the woman that invented it.

Tell me ladies, do you think that you will use this if you needed to go and there was no bathroom around?

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  1. Jane says:

    Ok, this is weird, but I think it is laso quite ingenius! Many times I have been hiking and had to pee so badly and hated to have to duck into the bushes and squat into grass, not know what insects were there. I definitely would biuy this, especially for public bathroom use.


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