Is Anyone Else’s Sugar Really Any Sweeter

imageWhy is it that what everybody else has, everybody else wants? Why are people never satisfied with the life they have, the life they have been given. I can honestly say that I am satisfied and happy with the life I have. Do I wish that I did anything differently? No. Not at all. Every experience I had, good, bad or indifferent has made me the man I am today. Even Sarcoidosis? Yes, even sarcoidosis. I believe that everything I have been given is this life was a lesson I chose to learn from, and rejecting it is rejecting your life’s lesson, your life’s purpose. It is not easy, but I have learned to accept it, and learned to live with it.

Yesterday, I went to the gas station to fill up my car. My car is not a very common car. It is a big car, very sleek design, and it is not seen very often. It is white, and the windows are tinted very dark, which for some reason really makes it stand out and accentuates the shape of the car, and a lot of people always like it and comment on it, or ask what type of car it is.

The other day, when I was pumping gas, a guy walked up to me and said “I love your car! What type of car is it?” I told him, and he asked some specifics about the car and walked off. As he walked over to his car, he looked back at me, then at my car, and then at me again, smiled, then said “I wish I had your life!”, got into his car and drove off. I was dumbfounded. I was really taken aback by that statement. Why? Why would anyone wish for anyone else’s life? It had me thinking very much about the fact that so many are never satisfied with their life and think that whatever everybody else has is better than what they have. Why is it everyone else’s sugar is always sweeter?

I had to wonder what that man would’ve done if he knew that if he did get what he wished for, my life, he would be standing up there with conditions he probably could not begin to understand, far less pronounce. I know these pains, the emotional turmoil, the lethargy. I would never wish that upon anyone. Yet, not knowing anything about me, he wished for my life just by one material possession I owned. Something he desired, admired and envied. A car. He based his whole judgement on my life on a single car. And in that split second, with that statement, he made his whole existence, his life, his connections, his family, his wife, his children, all unworthy.

Think about that for a second and let it really sink in. Anytime in your life, you ever wish for a different life than what you have, you are more than likely focusing on one negative aspect of your life that you have allowed to come to the forefront of your thinking and actions. But take that one negative aspect away and look at everything else that you have in your life. Would you give that all up? Well, when you wish for someone else’s life, you are not just giving up that one negative thing in your life right now. You are giving up everything else. Is it worth it to wish for a life you know nothing about to be rid of everything in your life right now? Because it is not one thing that goes, but everything. Be careful what you wish for, and just enjoy your sugar. Nobody else’s is sweeter.

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