A Watched Battery Never Dies

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side. ~The Talmud

organs.jpgEvery morning I am awakened by the chime if a single bell tone, each getting progressively closer and louder, until it gently, but firmly rouses me from bed. I reach for my iPad and turn to the Zen Alarm application to turn it off. Then I disable airplane mode and wait for the few seconds it takes the iPad to get a wifi signal and bring in all of my emails. I quickly glance through all of them looking for one sender. I look, see that there is no email from that one sender, I sigh a breath of relief, close my iPad and get out of bed to face my day.

This is my new routine as of the past couple of weeks. I never check email as soon as I wake up, but now I look to see if my defibrillator has sent a transmission in the middle of the night to say my battery is at its threshold.

My battery is low, almost at the replacement threshold. My doctor estimates a month to three. I am hoping more like three. But if it happens before that, my defibrillator will send a transmission to my doctor when I am sleeping to say “Hey, time for me to come out and slap a new one in”

Every morning I look for the email from Medtronic to tell me that my defibrillator sent a transmission in the night. And so far my little buddy in my chest has not accessed the internet to send cryptic emails to my doctor.

So I wait, and I check. And hope it is later rather than sooner.

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  1. lozmatik says:

    This has definitely left an impression on me in regards to waking up. Thanks for sharing, I wish the best for you.


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