Flashback Monday – Clean Slate And Start Anew

Clean Slate and Start Anew

Originally posted October 14, 2010

“Starting with a clean slate” – ever wonder where that term came from? When I was a kid, when I went to want is now called kindergarten, each child was given their own small chalk board, which we called our “slate”. It was made of the same black painted cardboard as they are today, but in olden days (I’m talking late 1880s), they were actually made of slate, and the name just stuck. I guess the name got lost over time, because they are now called chalk boards. Each day, when you were finished, you made sure to wipe your “slate” clean, so in the morning, you started your day “with a clean slate”. Just a little trivia to start your day.

Anyway, when I went to see my cardiologist on Monday, while discussing the possibility of switching one of my medications, he said that I am one of his only patients where the medications worked so well, so fast, and with no side effects. I told him it was because I started off with a clean slate. I have never been one to take medications willingly or easily. As a child, I was unknowingly born with a heart defect, and I would get ill pretty often. There is some speculation that I may have actually had sarcoidosis since childhood.

I suffered from severe migraines from childhood, but I never complained, and I just worked through them refusing to take any headache medications, much to the fascination of my mother. Sometimes they would last days, but I just carried on the best I could because I knew that it would eventually pass. As a child I was very aware of the “poisons” that were going into my body. That’s how I am for all my life until I was eventually diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I refused to take any medications unless absolutely necessary, like for a severe bronchial infection, which I seemed to get a lot.

When I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I even resisted taking the prednisone. At the time I was consulting with and Ayurvedic doctor and he advised that I do start the prednisone, so I started it. I have had no ill effects from the prednisone other than some mood swings and some weight gain (30 pounds), but in the words of my Sarcoidosis specialist, tablets weigh nothing. In other words, the actual prednisone does not weigh anything or has any calories. It’s over eating that causes the weight gain.

When it came to the discovery of my cardiac sarcoidosis and the resulting heart failure, while in the hospital bed after my first heart procedure to repair my heart defect, the heart failure specialist was standing there with a lanoxin tablet and I refused to take it until he explained exactly what it was, what it did, and what side effects it had. After a lengthy explanation of all, I took it.

I truly believe that since I never took medications throughout my life, rather than having an adverse reaction to them, my body adjusted quickly, because there was not that “history” of medication toxins in my body. It’s like anti biotics. You take too much and eventually it does nothing for you. I think that people are so overly medicated during their lifetime that when they take a medication that they actually need, it does not work effectively. I was lucky and started with a clean slate.

That got me thinking about all the people that did not have a clean slate and what could they do. I think that living clean is the best way to go when you have a chronic illness. Eat low fat, avoid sugar and eat as much organic food (lots of fruit and vegetables) as you can. Some people may want to consider a detox program to clean out their system, but only under the direction of your doctor, especially is you are on prescription drugs.

I am also a great believer of homeopathics, and take them regularly. Do some research into it and see if it works for you. Before you take any herbs or so, please invest in a book that list different prescription drugs and which herbs do not go with them. When taking a drug, be sure to research the drug. See what interacts with it and what does not. Many people that take lanoxin/digoxin are not aware that it needs to be taken away from fiber, and many people take it with their breakfast which consists of high fiber cereals.

Do your self a favor, and if you have a chronic illness, take the time to research and learn all you can about it. Learn about the medications you take, and what prevents it from working. Simple things like orange juice prevents anti biotics from working, and grapefruit juice does not go with certain heart medications. You have a chronic illlness, and you need to take responsibility for your self and learn all you can about it. Today, wipe your slate clean and make that commitment that from tomorrow you will take responsibility for yourself and your illness, and vow to get better by educating yourself.

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