Friday Is The New Monday (Or Something Like That)

My last post focused on one person's abusive rant about my feeds and blog. I do get a lot of supportive emails and comments and one commenter had some advise that I thought was pretty good, and decided to run with it.

The email came from Shelly, (Thanks Shelly), and it was very supportive and complimentary of my blog. She did have a couple of suggestions, one I am going to implement as of tomorrow.

Every Monday I put a post called “Flash Back Monday“, where I repost an item from one of my earlier posts. Shelly had a good note. Why not make it “Flash Back Friday” and make Mondays “Motivational Monday“. As Shelly pointed out, people need motivation on a Monday, and Fridays are a good day to look back on the week. Simple and true.

So starting tomorrow, Flash Backs are now on Friday, and Mondays are now Motivational Mondays


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