Learn To Rely On Yourself


One if the big complaints from people with chronic illnesses is that they have no support. No one understands or sympathizes with them.

Although it is nice to have support, in reality, the only person you can ever truly rely on to be there for you, to understand and agree with you, is you.

So why stress yourself? I have learned to never ever rely on anyone else for anything. Support, help – anything. That way I am never disappointed with anyone.

Learn to be happy with yourself, by yourself, and life would be so much easier. Don’t depend on anyone else to bring you happiness. It will never work.

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  1. I agree that being self sufficient and responsible for your own happiness is key. And attitude is key. I have watched while people have driven their support away. Everyone has issues in their lives, health, relationships, money etc. Including the people around you who will slowly drift away but those we see dealing with their adversity in a positive and practical way will always gather a team of family and friends around them.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      So true. I have chronic conditions and even I don’t want to hear about people’s problems over and over. I actually have an up coming post about that because people in the “chronic illness society” are always complaining that they get no support but do not realize that it is they that are chasing people away.


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