The Truth About Angry People And Loving People

I’ll admit it, I am deep down inside angry, but not at people. I am angry deep within about my condition and my inability to certain things I used to be able to. I accepted my situation and come to terms with it, but every now and then that little anger gets control when I am not able to something I used to.

My anger however is with myself, not people. I learned to control my anger and realize that I am angry with myself sometimes. Many people with chronic conditions are angry with them selves but have not accepted their situation and therefore direct their anger at everyone else in their path. By being angry and abusive to others, they somehow think that they regain a sense of control of their lives by controlling others. That is not the case though. All they do alienate all those around them.

Learn to analyze yourself. When you get angry, really think and go within and ask yourself what you are truly angry about. You’ll be surprised how many times you are just angry with yourself. Turn that anger to love. When I get angry about what I am not able to do, I change my way of thinking to gratitude for all I can do. Change the anger to love, and you get great results.

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