What I Dislike About Smokers

I don’t smoke and never did. I grew up in a household of smokers and never had the least interest in it. I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke and when I am around anyone that smokes it closes up my airways.

I am happy that smoking was banned in restaurants etc, but I still believe the smokers have the right to smoke in a public place. However, too many smokers are just inconsiderate, selfish people. They have no respect for anyone else around them most of the time. I get it, that they are in the “zone” when they have that cigarette in their mouth, and they are inhaling that putrid smelling smoke. That’s their thing, and if I have to pass the bunch of smokers that position themselves right outside the door of a building, I take a deep breath and hold it until I pass them. Let them have their fun, right?

That’s all well and good. But the thing that really irritates me with many smokers is that they will take that last puff, drop the cigarette to the floor and stomp it out, and NOT pick up the butt. Why? Why the hell not? Are they just too good to bend their lazy asses over and pick up the butt and place it in the ashtray that many buildings provide for their habit? Many times I would see stomped out cigarettes on the ground around the ash tray.

I often wonder what their homes look like. Do they sit on the couch and flick the still smoldering cigarette at the TV? Is there a pile of spent butts at the base of the couch? I doubt it. So why pollute the rest of the planet with the vile smelling remnants of their addiction? The worse offenders will just flick the still smoldering cigarette away with grand, artistic flare, and watch the stub of the still glowing tube of tobacco as it somersaults through the air, and land as far away as their artful finger flick would send it, before turning to re-enter the building with the smug look of victory over the distance that their stick was sent. The next time I see someone do one of those fancy cigarette butt flicks, I swear I am going to throw them behind it if I were able.

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  1. I am so with you on this. Boy howdy I get mad too about cigarette butts all over the place. However, what bothers me the most are the people who see me near them waiting for a restaurant table or to go through the door and they don’t even turn their head in a different direction away from me to blow smoke out. I mean, really? I’m carrying oxygen and have a canula on and that’s the most consideration they can show for me? Some people who smoke just won’t wake up until they are the ones on oxygen.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      I have a whole list of my allergies to smokers, but that’s a book. 😄


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